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Nonprofit Accounting

Call us at 352-637-1122 for immediate service.

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Accounting and Bookkeeping

Full service accounting and bookkeeping firm established in 1992... With decades of experience, you can be confident that our services will help ensure your company operates efficiently.

Small Business

We focus on the unique needs of each of our clients and design services appropriately. We promise to deliver a complete range of service in a friendly, timely, and professional manner.

Individual and Business Tax Preparation

No matter how complex your tax situation, our professional tax service team is ready to help you. We're available for you throughout the year when you need to file estimated taxes or when you have tax questions.

Nonprofit Accounting

Work with a firm that gets nonprofits. Contact our office today for a FREE, no obligation review of your needs and a FREE quote.

Free Consultation

Contact us today for a Free Consultation. Let's get started improving your Bottom Line right away.

Estates and Trusts

Not sure where to start when it comes to estate planning? Let us guide you through the process so that your wishes are fullfilled.

IRS Problem Resolution

If you received a notice from the IRS you need tax problem resolution right away. Contact us for a Free consultation.

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Bookkeeping Headaches?

Hire expert accounts and bookkeepers! Our services are Fast, Reliable and Affordable! Call us today to request a FREE consultation!

Individual and Business Tax Preparation

Bottom Line Bookkeeping's income tax preparation services give you tax advice the way it's meant to be: friendly, insightful and accurate.

Nonprofit Accounting

We are nonprofit experts and have the expertise to address any financial or governance issues related to nonprofit organizations.

Nonprofit Accounting

Unique Needs of your nonprofit organization:

Laws affecting nonprofits are continually changing and many nonprofits do not have the requirements in place to be in compliance. We can provide many services to assist you in ensuring you’ve got it right.

Nonprofit Services:

¦Corporate Structure
¦Certificate of Incorporation/Articles of Association
¦Policies & Procedures
¦Board Minutes/Resolutions
¦Bookkeeping Structure and Systems
¦Internal Controls
¦Employment Requirements, including ministers unique provisions
¦Information Reporting

Non-Profit Organization Set-Up/Application for Exempt Status.

Accounting/Bookkeeping/Payroll services, including financial statements, Board and Management reporting, contributions tracking and reporting, bill payment, and much more.
Information return preparation (e.g., IRS Form 990, 990-T and state returns).

Work with a firm that gets nonprofits. Contact our office today for a FREE, no obligation review of your needs and a FREE quote.

For more information on our professional accounting and bookkeeping services, call 352-637-1122 or contact us online to speak with one of our experienced professionals.

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